Commit 04a4d895 authored by Ing. František DVOŘÁK's avatar Ing. František DVOŘÁK
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LDAP attribute options: fix operational attributes usage during create (Active Directory password)

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......@@ -867,7 +867,10 @@ public abstract class AbstractLdapConnector<C extends AbstractLdapConfiguration>
List<Value> ldapValues = shcemaTranslator.toLdapValues(ldapAttributeType, connIdAttrValues);
// Do NOT set attributeType here. The attributeType may not match the type of the value."create: {0}, {1}", connIdAttr.getName(), ldapAttributeType.getName());
entry.put(connIdAttr.getName(), ldapValues.toArray(new Value[ldapValues.size()]));
if (schemaTranslator.isTaggedAttribute(connIdAttr.getName()))
entry.put(connIdAttr.getName(), ldapValues.toArray(new Value[ldapValues.size()]));
entry.put(ldapAttributeType.getName(), ldapValues.toArray(new Value[ldapValues.size()]));
// no simple way how to check if he attribute was added. It may end up with ERR_04451. So let's just
// hope that it worked well. It should - unless there is a connector bug.
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